"I'm No Longer Acting Romantic Roles As I Used To"- Dakore Egbuson-Akande

Nollywood actress, Dakore Egbuson- Akande who has been off the movie scene for a while to be a wife and mother has staged a comeback to Nollywood in a recent interview talks about some interesting things.

"I'm No Longer Acting Romantic Roles As I Used To"- Dakore Egbuson-Akande


Now that Dakore has a baby girl, how many more kids is she planning to have?

I don’t know. I am just enjoying having a baby. She is just two years, so I am not in a hurry. God knows, my baby means the world to me. She inspires me to want to go back to work. I don’t mind if she ends up an actress tomorrow; she can do whatever she wants to do in life. I will only encourage her.

Motherhood seems to fit you and what has it taught you?

It’s amazing even me I’m in shock, it is like I feel more brighter, more relaxed in my own skin, I think being a mum did that for me. Motherhood has taught me self sacrifice, thinking about yourself the last because it’s all about my angel, my life.(laughs)

But a lot of people who see you will think it is all easy especially because you are married to the son of a billionaire?

No, it is very difficult because I almost had to put Dakore the actor in a separate world, I had to put that on pause so I could focus on being a wife and a mum so now I’m coming back into the whole scene and I thank God for my fans who had been so supportive and patient and I really hope through me they will understand that a woman can have everything, but not at the same time.

On your most recent movies now that you’re back?

Then I’m supposed to go on set again in less than two weeks from now God willing.

That means your husband is not telling you not to act anymore?

No! He never did.

A lot of your fans were misinformed, they did say it wasn’t just your husband, but your father in law as well, how true is that?

All you journalists needed to do was call me and say Dakore please can you clarify this story about you, but nobody reached me, nobody did that , if anyone did, I will gladly answer, but everyone had the idea already, that it’s over for her.

But we heard it was part of the terms your father in-law gave if you must marry his son?

Were they there? (General laughter) Did my father in-law stand here, and they were there when he made the declaration? Can they tell us what we were wearing that day and he told me that if you want to marry my son you must quit acting, I will run the other way if that was the case, so I just kept quiet because there is no way I could reach everybody to explain to them, it`s totally false and has no iota of truth.

When you and your husband heard the rumour what were your reactions?

The truth is I’m not gone. I’m still acting but can’t be running on set with a little baby as at that time because she was still growing and needed my full attention and care.

Will you still take kissing roles?

I am now a new Dakore and not the old Dakore people used to know because I am coming into a new era in my career. I am now a mother and a wife. I just have to be more discerning about them

Don’t you feel threatened by the new emergence in Nollywood?

Why should I? The truth I can’t be threatened by any new faces regardless because I am Dakore and unique in my own way so also are they. And we should be happy for them because we need new faces too to grow, it can’t in anyway affect my market value because everyone has gotten their style.

How is your husband coping now that you are back?

He is doing very well. I must commend him. He understands the nature of my job and he has been very supportive, he is my greatest fan ever. My husband is a very confident man and he understands it’s my job so he is not jealous that I am in the limelight.


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