Olajumoke speaks on her grass to grace story

Olajumoke speaks on her grass to grace story

NAIJ.com recently spoke to bread seller turned model Olajumoke and she shared what is best described as her grass to grace story.

She also spoke about how she and her family went through tough times before luck came her way via popular photographer TY Bello. The mum of two also revealed why she started a reality show, the challenges she has faced now that she is a star and why hard work is very important.

Excerpts below:

How I met TY Bello

On that day I woke up normally, I prayed and fed my kids. I did not know who TY Bello was at all. I just saw people with cameras taking photos on the street where I normally hawk my bread. Some said I should go back, others wanted me to walk faster. While all this was going on, I was telling myself that I couldn’t go back because I had customers on that street that I needed to sell to. That was how I met TY Bello.

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Olajumoke speaks on her grass to grace story

Olajumoke (Image courtesy NAIJ.com)

How do your friends treat you now that you are a star?

I have no friends. Right from when I was a kid, I was never someone who kept a lot of friends. Because if one keeps a lot of friends, one may learn bad things. Anyone who wants to visit me at home will call first to know if I am around. My children, family and fans are my friends. My friends in the bakery are still friends in fact, I also visit them once in a while.

Since you started working as a model, have you ever had a difficult shoot?

Not really, there is no shoot that is very difficult because one will just have to learn. So no difficulties at all.

Tell us about your reality show

The reason I started this vlog is because I want to share my story so people can be encouraged. I want them to know that hard work pays. Those that used to be lazy, when they hear my story, they will change. Because I suffered a lot while I was working in the bakery. I just want people to develop a healthy appetite for hard work.

Give us an example of the hardship you went through to become who you are today

I am from a family that had nothing. My dad had nothing, so did my mum. We all had to hustle to become who we are today. I asked myself what I could do to change my situation. I left Iree in Osun State with my two children. My second born was one year old and six months when I came to the bakery then. Do you know the kind of suffering one would go throuogh that will allow you move to a place filled with mosquitoes with kids? Most times me and my kids would drink Garri in the morning, afternoon and night. This is what led to me moving to Lagos. I am a hairdresser by training.

As a married woman, how would you advice women who are being abused by their husbands?

It is never right for a man to hit his wife. Anything your husband does that is wrong, as a woman call your husband and tell him he would then apologise to you. A man beating his wife can lead to death and anyone who dies is gone forever. So I’d like to plead with men to never hit their wives. Besides, wife beating has no place under the law.

Watch Olajumoke speak on all this and more in the very revealing video below:

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Source: Entertainment.naij.com

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