Evans saga: How to know if you are married to a kidnapper

Evans saga: How to know if you are married to a kidnapper

Except you are living under a rock, you’d have heard the story of millionaire kidnapper Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans.

As the media storm continues following his arrest, let’s not also forget the role his wife Precious played in the matter. NAIJ.com had earlier reported that Precious had denied having knowledge of her husband’s nefarious activities claiming that her husband rarely gives her money.

While she managed to draw some sort of public sympathy to herself (The #FreeEvans campaign gained momentum after her interview), many blasted her saying she should have recognized the signs that her husband was a criminal.

In order for you not to become the next Mrs Evans, here are some tips to know:

Evans saga: How to know if you are married to a kidnapper

Millionaire kidnapper Evans (Images courtesy google)

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1. Too many sim cards

When your better half has one or more sim cards from all the phone companies in the country, that should automatically raise a red flag for you. When you and your kids have one line, his business contacts have another line and even church members are asked to call one specific line, what else do you need to know before you realize that your man has some skeletons in his closet.

2. He has more than 2 phones

It’s understandable when people go around with more than one phone. We understand that our network providers can really mess things up hence our desire to have two phones. But when the number of phones your hubby has begins to be more than three, your alarm bells should start ringing. There are double sim phones now; almost no one needs three phones.

3. He never receive calls in your presence and anyone who touches his phone is in trouble

We all do this, but I will bet that there is none who always has to excuse himself anytime he or she wants to make a call. Also, if your man goes into a rage anytime you touch any of his phones; prepare your mind for the inevitable.

4. Hi tech gadgets suddenly start making appearances in your home

When hubby decided to install cameras around the house, he said it was for security. But when he starts bringing in gadgets you only see in James Bond movies, of course something is up. Evans was said to have one Thuraya satellite phone and one Vertu phone. How his wife refused to notice this still baffles many.

5. All your transactions are mostly done in cash

To some extent, there is nothing wrong with using cash for day to day transactions. But when your partner seems to have a phobia for putting money in a bank, something is wrong, very very wrong.

6. You actually don’t know what your husband does

Evans famously told his wife he was into importation of spare parts. He later claimed to be a forwarding and clearing agent, later he said he was involved in ‘business’. Any smart person would realize that something doesn’t add up but not Precious. For someone who claimed to be a trader, Evans never showed Precious his shop or office.

What other tips did we miss? Let us know in the comment section below:

Watch NAIJ.com’s special report on Evans and his criminal activities below:

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