Meet this married couple who only eat 3 times a week

Meet this married couple who only eat 3 times a week

A married couple have gotten international attention due to their Breatharian lifestyle which involves very low consumption of food.

A married couple named Akahi Ricardo and Camila Castello who live in both America and Ecuador have a strange diet that might surprise you. They are dedicated Breatharians who got married in 2008.

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Breatharianism is defined as the belief that it is possible for a person to live without consuming food.


Ricardo and Camila.

The couple who live on a food-free diet say they only eat three or four times a week 'at the most'. Camilla, who has given birth to two children said she only ate solid food five times during her first pregnancy.

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She said to DailyMail: "Humans can easily be without food, as long as they are connected to the energy that exists in all things and through breathing."

"For three years, Akahi and I didn’t eat anything at all and now we only eat occasionally like if we’re in a social situation or if I simply want to taste a fruit."


The couple with their 2 children.

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"With my first child, I practiced a Breatharian pregnancy. Hunger was a foreign sensation to me so I fully lived on light and ate nothing. My blood tests during all three trimesters were impeccable and I gave birth to a healthy, baby boy."

She concluded: "Whenever I eat now, it's not because I'm hungry. I just don't remember that sensation. Anyone can live a breatharian lifestyle and feel the benefits. It's not about never eating food again, it's about understanding cosmic nourishment, not just physical nourishment, and living without limits.'"

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