Beyonce earns N305million for a single Instagram post

Beyonce earns N305million for a single Instagram post

- RnB star Beyonce Knowles is arguably the most looked-up to female singer worldwide

- Apart from platinum albums and hit songs, Jay Z’s wife also has another hustle and it's bringing her stupendous fortune

- Through a single Instagram post, Beyonce makes more than your average European footballers

By now everyone knows Beyonce is a brand. A brand because she follows no one on Instagram or Twitter (not even her bae Jay) yet she boasts almost 100 million followers.

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Queen Bey is currently the second most followed person on Instagram, after Selena Gomez who has 116 million followers. But she is not complaining, because as far as making money through social media is concerned, the “Lemonade” singer carries the day.

Here is where it gets interesting. In case you never noticed, Beyonce rarely does interviews or endorsements, yet she continues to explode as a brand. Why is that?

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Unlike bloggers and other celebrities who ‘hustle’ their way on social media with endorsements, Beyonce’s Instagram posts are valuable in themselves.

In other words, Beyonce is the most marketable personality on social media. As a matter of fact, her advertising value is about 800,000 pounds per Instagram post, according to D’Marie Analytics. That is about N305 million.

Not even Wayne Rooney makes that in a week - 750,000 Euros weekly, that's N243million.

While you are busy posting for likes, here is how much Beyonce earns for a single instagram post

Rooney earns about 750,000 pounds weekly

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Funny enough, unlike her much younger counterparts such as Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Rihanna who post on social media almost at will, Queen Bey is a sporadic instagrammer, you may only see her posts once or twice a week.

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