Bassey reveals all the interesting times he had on BBNaija

Bassey reveals all the interesting times he had on BBNaija

- NAIJ.com recently interviewed Bassey Ekpenyong one of the housemates from ongoing reality show Big Brother Naija

- The actor and aspiring TV presenter discussed his time on the show, his relationship with Debie Rise, his role in Bisola and ThinTallTony’s relationship, Efe’s penchant for always taking the easy way out and his plans for the future

- He also revealed who he thinks will win the show

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Bassey reveals all the interesting times he had on BBNaija

BBNaija's Bassey Ekpenyong

Excerpts below:

On how he got into the house:

I was actually disqualified at the first round of the audition stage but by God’s grace and favor, I got past it and eventually made it into the house. Initially when I was told that I would be going in in the second week I was scared, but that was just Big Brother being strategic.

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What his strategy in the house was

I actually did not have any strategy going into the house because I felt the only way to do well in the game was to just be myself. I just knew I was going to be true to myself.

On his ‘relationship’ with Debie Rise

Debie Rise and I got into the Big Brother Naija house in the second week and automatically we connected so that was the first kick starter in our relationship. As we went on, I discovered that she is a very nice person and she is also very creative. We connected in more ways than one and I just decided that we should just be friends and we should not be pressured by the small space we are living in to become too emotional. We understood these temptations and we decided to keep it at friendship level. This doesn’t mean we would not connect outside the house, we will but people should expect something from us geared towards making money and becoming better friends.

Why he decided to ‘play’ with Cocoice’s chest

We were playing truth or dare and the game would not have been interesting if we did not participate fully. Whatever happened between me and Cocoice happened on the spur of the moment and it wasn’t pre planned at all.

The crazy things fans have done to him since he left the house

I haven’t really experienced much craziness except for that one time some female fans tore my shirt just because they wanted to feel my body.

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Is TBoss manipulating Debie Rise?

One must understand that girls always warm up to each other so it doesn’t matter who is manipulative. I don’t know if anyone is manipulating each other and even if it is happening, I feel it’s just a game.

On Bisola and ThinTallTony’s relationship

I knew Bisola outside the house just like I knew TTT. Big Brother is a small house and it wasn’t my place to say anything and besides, no one asked me. Tony said nothing and Bisola was silent too so I couldn’t just go about talking. I don’t have to apologize for my actions I can only defend it. Bisola and Tony have a sincere connection they are good friends and will continue to be.

Bassey reveals all the interesting times he had on BBNaija

Bassey and NAIJ.com's Abisola Alawode during their interview session

Whether he friend zoned Debie

First off, friend zone is not a bad zone. It’s actually a safe zone and on that I’ll say yes I friend zoned her and she friend zoned me too. That time when people felt she kissed me without my consent, that’s not what happened. I wasn’t asleep and she had my permission for the kiss.

How tough his childhood was

I lost my mum when at a young age and things became tough for me from that moment. Things were so tough that I repeated SS2 three times and then there was no money to help me further my education. But my elder brother got a job and helped my education. I moved to Lagos and I squatted with a friend of mine from there I featured in a production by Ebony Life. From there Big Brother came around since then God has been wonderful.

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Watch his interesting interview below:

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