4 surprising wedding expenses you should be prepared for

4 surprising wedding expenses you should be prepared for

With the recession, things are getting harder and couples are making tighter budgets and compromises on their dream wedding. Newly engaged couples may not really know how expensive things are.


If you have ever gone for a typical Nigerian wedding, you will note the things that made you happy such as good ventilation, a great DJ and an excess of food. These things cost money and can take a toll on a couple's pocket.

For newly-engaged couples, here are four surprising wedding expenses that can make you reconsider your whole wedding:

1. Wedding photographer.


Most of us have taken selfies so we know a picture can be great because of it's angles and not just its quality. However, wedding photos and videos need to be of good quality so it can last for years to come.

These days, a good wedding photographer will cost nothing less than N100,000 and that's if you call all your connections to get you a good deal. If you have no connections, make out up to N400k in your budget just for that. It may not seem worth it but if you end up with a horrible photographer, you will have big regrets.

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2. Wedding cake.


We've all eaten delicious cakes and sometimes we can't even pin point our best because they all taste the same. For your wedding however, the cake needs to be memorable to the couple and to the guests.

Depending on the size, flavour, dressing and guests, the cake can cost over N150k. Plus, you might need a back-up cake in case something bad happens to the first e.g. the cake falls, the cake isn't ready on time, etc.

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3. Wedding venue.


If you choose to have a venue outdoors or at some place you love, get ready to shell out a lot of money. A venue could start pricing you from N700k so don't be shocked and just know where your limit is.

The more breathtaking the place is, the more expensive it will be. Also, they may assign it to you for some hours so you will need to make sure your wedding fits that timeline or pay more to stay the whole day.

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4. Wedding decorations.


The money you pay for the venue is separate from the decorations. So don't check your venue during an event, check it out when nothing is going on. All the flowers, ribbons, cloths, balloons, etc will come from your pocket.

The venue may decide to decorate it for you or you can bring someone in but just make sure you have up to N100k available for it unless you want to count few balloons to save money.

All in all, do your research and make calls, stick to your budget and remember how much you love your partner if you want to make it tthrough your wedding.

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