5 ways to have a long and happy marriage

5 ways to have a long and happy marriage

Getting married is easy but staying married is a challenge most couple's face. Love can bring the couple together but it's up to them to make sure they stay together.

Here are five things you and your spouse can do for your marriage to stand the test of time:

1. Compliment your spouse.


Even though you may have seen their face a hundred times, find time to remind them how beautiful they look everyday.

Or perhaps compliment them on something they do so well. Most likely, your spouse already knows how you feel but hearing the words can make all the difference.

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2. Be sure to listen.


A spouse is a companion for life and most likely a best friend so they will want to talk to you about everything and anything.

Be sure to listen to them and offer your advice if needed and just make them know that you are there whenever they need to talk. Your spouse will reciprocate this and you will always have a friend in them.

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3. Make an effort.


One of the problems with long term relationships is one person gets relaxed and they don't bother to impress the other person or pick up their slack.

You should relax and be yourself in your marriage but don't get lazy and forget to make the person feel special occasionally. Go on dates, dress up, plan outings and all that jazz.

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4. Switch up your roles.


Switch up the roles you guys play at home. Sometimes one spouse can go pick up the children from school while the other tidies the house and vice versa.

If one spouse does the same things all the time, it might weigh them down but switching things up keeps things interesting and fun.

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5. Forgive AND forget.


Forgiving may come easily to people but when the pattern repeats itself, the hurt spouse will bring up past transgressions.

As you forgive, learn to let go so you don't keep having the same fights. If one spouse is stuck in a bad pattern, seek professional help so your marriage can continue to be smooth.

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