The pain of choosing between love and religion

The pain of choosing between love and religion

Editor's Note: Marriage is the oldest institution in the world. In Nigeria and many parts of Africa, religion places certain restrictions on marriage. These rules form the core of many decisions including who one can fall in love with.

In this article, Seun Durojaiye, Naij.com Entertainment editor looks into the issue of religion in marriage.

Religion provides a moral framework but it can also inspire conflict. In fact, religion has as much negative effects on the society as positives. A critical analysis of organized religions will expose how it has confined the mind of its ardent followers and yet this institution decides where love can live?


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Many philosophers have attempted to define love and most will agree that love can be many things. From the sparks and butterflies, to the pure affection and warming of the heart- love is electrifying. While there might be no clear-cut definition of this complex phenomenon, one thing it is not is discriminating. So why then can't a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man?

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Every woman regardless of her faith dreams of the day she will walk down the aisle with the love of her life. Many books will say we don't pick who we fall in love with but how true is this for a woman who grows up with certain constraints based on her faith.


Muslim couple

The basis for a same faith marriage as stated in the holy book is rational. A believer who holds in high esteem the rules that guard their faith is one who commits to obeying a higher commandment and is worthy of a reward.

But the ultimate message of every religion is love which begs the question; why does it frown on inter-faith marriages?

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Many marriages have survived on love and thrived on respect, communication and affection. While a same faith marriage can bring a couple even closer, its lack does not necessarily tear them apart.

Muslim couple


Lovers should be free to choose their heart's desire and not be limited by the demands of their faith.

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Source: Aboutislam.net

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