Luo man who married his Mt. Kenya wife in a lavish N45M wedding being hunted by police

Luo man who married his Mt. Kenya wife in a lavish N45M wedding being hunted by police

-Jared Otieno paid for what might have been the most expensive wedding in 2015 to his fiancee, Kendi Mwiti

- The lavish ceremony was attended by the creme de la creme, and was said to cost more than 45 million naira

- In an expose, it was revealed that Otieno is nothing more than an alleged con artiste who has defrauded foreigners out of hundreds of millions of naira

If ever a wedding stopped Kenyans in their tracks for its exclusivity and the amount of money spent, it had to be Jared Otieno’s to Kendi Mwiti.

Luo man who married his Mt. Kenya wife in a lavish KSh15M wedding being hunted by police

Jared Otieno and his wife, Kendi Mwiti on their wedding day.

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The flare, the flashy vehicles, the helicopters jostling for landing space, 45 million naira for a one day event, Kenyans could not stop talking about the wedding that took place in May 2015.

That money was just for the wedding, the dowry ceremony was even more expensive than the N45M -it was placed at around 99 million naira.

No one could stop talking about how flamboyant Luos are and how they spent huge sums of money as part of their daily lifestyle.

Women envied and men wished. But nothing under the sun stays hidden.

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jared otieno a fraud

Tens of posh vehicles and police outriders lined up to the home of Mwiti in Meru county as Otieno went to pay dowry to her parents.

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Turns out, Otieno is nothing but a con artiste who has swindled foreigners out of hundreds of millions in fake gold deals.

Otieno assumed pseudo names like Smith Mackenzie and Smith Mackenzie Otieno, and was exposed for duping foreigners into buying gold from him and charging them for non-existent service transactions during their dealings.

He is suspected of being part of a Kenyan based international ring of fraudsters that offer gold to foreign buyers at heavily discounted buyers but ends up selling buyers air.

jared otieno a fraud

Otieno and Mwiti married at the Windsor Golf Club in May 2015. She arrived in a horse drawn carriage with police outriders from her parents home in Runda.

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According to a Daily Nation expose on Sunday, February 26, they also shipped pieces of gold colored scrap metal to victims who prepay for the precious metal.

Otieno was exposed for duping Christian Gallati, an Austrian national of 41.1 million naira and an extra 171 million naira, a Venezuelan national lost 510 million naira to him after promising to give him 5.1 billion naira from the sale of a prime plot in Kenya.

Many other foreigners lined up with the same accusations against Otieno and his cronies.

He has been hiding in plain sight after the foreigners and sources in the security sector claimed Otieno has been receiving police protection and the same cops have been frustrating investigations into the allegations.

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jared otieno a fraud

Personalities who attended the wedding included Amason Kingi, Jack Ranguma, Mutea Iringo, Citizen TV’s Swaleh Mdoe, comedian Jalang’o, Ambassador Chirau Ali Mwakwere and many others

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However, National Police spokesman George Kinoti said all allegations reported are investigated.

“If any criminal ingredients is established, the matter will be presented in court in collaboration with the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions,” said Kinoti.

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