Lady shows off hideous facial tattoo

Lady shows off hideous facial tattoo

The appearance of tattoos in mainstream culture has changed the perception of those brandished with the once subversive permanent stamp of self-expression. Celebrities and some other public figures made it cool and the "sheep" followed.

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane with ice cream tattoo

There are many who believe tattoo is also a form of art while that might be undoubtedly true, some tattoos will make you believe otherwise. I mean, if it looks angelic, no one will attach it to the devil right?

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They come in different designs. The latest that seem to make most people hearts stop bleeding at sight is the facial tattoo that will leave you utterly speechless. To be fair to the art, some pick attractive designs that you can admire. Take for instance, Nigerian celebrity DJ Sose, whose facial tattoo is probably as old as the queen of England but still looks as good as Meryl Streep.

DJ Sose

Nigerian celebrity DJ Sose

However, we have the ones that make us believe the devil exist among us. Or how else do we explain this form of self expression?


Before you sh*t in your pants and call the name of the lord in vain, remember thou shall not call your fellow human ugly.


Amazingly, the Lord loves us all the same. So judge not brethren! Just answer this one question, will you get this tattoo on your face?

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