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6 photos that made us think Zahra Buhari's wedding was opulent

6 photos that made us think Zahra Buhari's wedding was opulent

It's been over a month after the famous wedding of Zahra Buhari and Ahmed Indimi and sources close to the president are saying the lavish wedding was modest for a sitting president

Zahra Buhari's wedding

Bits and pieces from the different parties of the wedding f Zahra and Ahmed Indimi

Zahra and Ahmed Indimi came together as man and wife on December 16 2016. The wedding proper and several events leading to the wedding showed that time, effort and a lot of money was put to make the special day stand out.

From the dignitaries who were in attendance, to the multiple outfits worn at every turn of the event by the bride and groom and several other luxuriousness displayed for the occasion showed that money was speaking.

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Contrary to what the pictures say, the presidency has claimed that the wedding was modest and the pictures are deceptive.

Whether it's a case of an extremely talented photographer or an impressive level of photo shop skills, here are reasons why we think the wedding was opulent and not just but extremely extravagant.

1. Versace chairs: We are trying hard to think of what goes with Versace and no, "modest" is not a word you can mix with the luxurious brand. Yet it was how the bride and groom dined and wined with family on the special day.

Zahra Buhari's wedding

2. State of the art wedding cake: Cakes are delicious and often pricey too! Especially when it looks like that!

Zahra Buhari's

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3. Multiple wedding dresses: Show me a modest bride that wears up to five white wedding dresses and I will show you one whose father is the president and her groom the son of a billionaire.

Zahra and Ahmed

4. Multiple traditional outfits: From pre-wedding shoots, to Kushi ceremony, it was fancy traditional wear galore and no they were not cheap outfits.

Zahra and Ahmed Indimi

5. A different party for each event: Talk about celebrating wedding in style. For this couple, there was a different party for each ceremony that moved from Abuja to Maiduguri. Needless to say, it must have been like the feeding of the five thousand and boy, do we know how costly that can be.

Zahra and Ahmed

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