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Why Barack and Michelle Obama are ultimate relationship goals

Why Barack and Michelle Obama are ultimate relationship goals

US President Barack Obama and his lovely wife Michelle have been the coolest and cutest first couple in history.

The world admired Obama's great leadership but it was their relationship that made us fall in love. As a couple, they are loving, kind, outspoken, amusing and so many things in-between.

Their marriage started in 1992 but have been giving us ultimate couple goals since they entered the White House in 2008. Here are eleven of their most loving moments:

1. Their first dance as President and First Lady was the first time the world was fully introduced to their beautiful relationship.


The couple at their Inauguration Ball (2009)

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2. It's obvious they are comfortable and feel secure in each other's arms which is part of the recipe for a long-lasting relationship.


The couple on their wedding day (1992)

3. They are so in sync, they make the same faces unknowingly.


The couple making impressed faces during ceremony at Winfield House in Lodnon (2011)

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4. A couple who make faces together, go places together.


The couple imitate monsters as they read "Where the Wild Things Are" during the White House Easter Egg Roll (2016)

5. Michelle married her biggest fan and Barack doesn't mind showing her off.


The couple at waiting for Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his wife on the North Portico for a State Dinner at the White House (2016)

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6. Forehead kisses are very protective and full of love


A public kiss says 'Hey world, I love her!' and Michelle sure enjoys them.

7. Public kisses show how much you love each other and that you don't care who knows. Malia is comfortable watching them because she knows this is part of what true love is about.


The couple kiss at a Basketball and her first daughter Malia watches.

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8. Support is essential in every relationship and Michelle gives it whenever, wherever. This is probably why Barack cried when he spoke about her during his final presidential speech.


Ride or die: The couple at an election night rally at the Xcel Energy Center (2008)

9. Hugs are a simple yet strong way of showing how much you care for someone. Here Michelle seems like she may never let go.


The couple during a trip to Kenya (1992)

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10. Many years have passed in their marriage but Michelle still holds unto him like it's their first year.


Real love: Michelle openly supports and stands by her man.

11. Barack may have been the President of the United States but Michelle has been his backbone and they need each other to be great.


The couple enjoying their last day in the White House (2017)

We will miss them greatly in the White House but their beautiful, loving marriage will always inspire us to do better in our relationships.

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