6 things to expect on your wedding night post abstinence

6 things to expect on your wedding night post abstinence

If you have been saving yourself for marriage, it's good to be hopeful for the best but also expect other strange emotions and situations to occur on your big night.

Here are six things that are most likely going to happen:

1. Confusion

wedding night

Even if you were an A-star student in Biology, you will be a bit confused how things actually work in real life.

If your spouse is experienced, it will be more straightforward, but if both of you do not know, it will take a bit more time. Just be patient and talk yourselves through it.

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2. Sadness

wedding night

Even though you did wait and you feel a sense of pride, you might also feel a sense of loss. You may feel the one thing that was making you special is gone but this is not true.

You've only opened a deeper and more intimate aspect of your relationship and it should be celebrated, not mourned. So don't have a pity party, celebrate!

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3. Disappointment

wedding night

You may build up the night in your head so much that your fantasy will exceed reality. It takes a couple a while to know what works and make each intimate session a great one.

It will rarely be great at first try. Be happy regardless because it will only get better from then.

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4. Discomfort at first.

wedding night

For the ladies, it's natural to feel discomfort because everything will be new to you. However, pain is different from discomfort so don't let your spouse rush into anything, both of you should take your time and find a pain-free rhythm.

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5. Regret

wedding night

You may end up regretting the wait and finding out in the long run that you and your spouse have nothing in common and waiting only makes it harder for you to leave.

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6. Relief.

wedding night

For those who found it a burden, you will find release! And you will have the whole of your marriage to find out what you like, how to do things, new ways to do the old things and all that jazz.

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