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Karma will visit men who take good women for granted - Actor Uche Maduagwu

Karma will visit men who take good women for granted - Actor Uche Maduagwu

- Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu defends celebrity ladies whose hearts are broken byuncaring men

- He curses the men who used and dumped these ladies and leave them single mothers

- He predicts that three celebrity marriages will crash in 2017

Karma will visit men who take good women for granted - Actor Uche Maduagwu

Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu

Following the rumour of the crisis rocking Tonto Dikeh’s marriage, actor Uche Maduagwu has taken the pain to dish men who maltreat women especially celebrity ladies.

The actor has been venting his anger on men who stole the heart of celebrity ladies only to mess them up and break their heart. He wrote:

Karma will visit men who take good women for granted - Actor Uche Maduagwu

Karma will visit men who take good women for granted - Actor Uche Maduagwu

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“If someone claims to love you, then they will always make out time for you. Nobody is too busy to dedicate the smallest of time for the one they love. Family is everything when your priority is right. Sometimes, people don't really know what a Good woman is facing in her MARRIAGE or relationship...they only see her beautiful make ups and perfect smiles, but little do they know that its all a cover up, please don't be in a haste to judge because its only the person that wears the shoe that knows where it hurts. People who sit on the fence actually thought it was rosy and fun filled, but only God knows the pain and regret a good woman experiences on a daily basis in her quest to keep the relationship moving. You don't have time for your woman, yet You always have time to meet with friends at the club, visit family and even book business trips that last for days yet, you don't have time for your own 'jewel'. Its hard for a woman to explain all the pains and bitterness she passes through daily all in the name of keeping the relationship strong. You don't want to complain, but when its getting out of control, then its Better to spill out the bitter wine. I always ask why its the women that are always at the receiving end of it all? Some people only are concerned about their selfish interests and not that of others. The very moment someone starts giving excuses as to why they can't be with you, pick your calls or even send you a text, then its obvious they are tired of the relationship and are only looking for a break. The best way forward is not to keep grudges, but to allow Karma punish those who took all of your kindness for weakness. Its very obvious they knew from the onset that they weren't going to stay for so long, they planned it meticulously, waiting for the very day that they will show their true color. But whoever is happy taking a good woman for granted and throwing all of her sacrifices into the dustbin of ungratefulness.... Karma will definitely visit them from their first generation to the last one. There is no hiding place for the wicked this year.”

He also wrote about the marriage institution saying most marriages contracted recently will not last three years.

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“Why is it that some people are enemies of happiness? Why do people treat good women like Objects and toys? I guess it's true that some people do not know the worth of what they have until they loose it. When a woman gives you all her heart, time, affection and life and all she ask of you is simple loyalty, yet you can't guarantee her that, then it shows something is definitely wrong somewhere. We all know that every marriage has its own ups and downs, but that's why a good woman is married to a noble man, a man that should be matured enough to stir the ship of his marriage away from the storms of life. When a man begins to hit a woman he calls his wife, avoid her, treat her like an ordinary person or even doesn't create enough time for her then that man is worse than an infidel. Even if you don't appreciate the woman you got married to, before walking away from that sacred institution of marriage, can't you for a second think about the child you are leaving behind? That child deserves a father figure in his life, he needs a mentor, he needs someone he can tell stuffs that his mother won't understand. Back then, our mother's and fathers lived together not because everything was fine or rosy, but because they took into consideration the children they had, but what we have now are father's who are so much in a hurry to walk out of a marriage especially when its not going well. Nobody said marriage is a paradise on earth, of course it comes with its own problems, but what makes us great is our ability to overcome them on a daily basis... You verbally assault your wife and yet , you expect her to be loyal. You take all of her kindness for weakness and still expect her to respect you. You don't call her, text her or even return her calls and for some reason still expect her to welcome you with an open arms. I have seen men of honor, men who have stayed for years with their wife and kids. Men who are so matured that they don't joke with their woman, in fact, they would rather abandon other activities just to be there for their family. But I know this 2017, God is really going to punish some fake husband's.”

He also gave prophesy on the number of celebrity marriages that will crash this year.

Karma will visit men who take good women for granted - Actor Uche Maduagwu

Celebrities with broken marriages

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“A man that is too lazy to change the TV station from one channel to the other will never be patient enough to persevere in marriage. The problem with most broken marriage's is that people have become so weak emotionally that they just give up when they don't know what next to do. As a matter of fact the life expectancy of some newly married folks is 3 years, after that things will start to fall apart. In 2017, there will be another celebrity marriage breakup, as a matter of fact 3 breakups this year. Please mark this on your calendar. The reason is not far-fetched dear, most good women are married to marriage assassins. When a woman gives her heart to an immature and over fed grown up baby, who is only attracted to her gorgeous body, but immediately she gives birth to one or two kids and the curvy shape is no longer there, gradually the love also disappears. I guess marriage is no longer as honorable as it used to be. I always ask , what could be so wrong in a relationship that can't be fixed? If you truly love a woman, what then can she ever do to you that will make you not to forgive her? Women will always be women, most times they act childishly, but that's because they always like to be pampered and cuddled always. its the duty of a real man to fix his marriage and not abandon it when its getting uncomfortable. Truth is there is no perfect marriage anywhere... So if you dump one marriage because its giving you headache, do you know what awaits you in the next relationship you will eventually get into? What kind of men are we raising this days? Why do people listen to what others tell them about their partners without even verifying if its true or not? This "fast food marriage syndrome" is absolutely not the best way to start the year 2017. Some people need to grow up and start acting like men and not relationship gangsters.”

Maduagwu based his out-pour on the marriages of celebrities Tonto Dikeh, Lilian Esoro and Tiwa Savage not forgetting Pretty Mike that had two ladies on leashes as he went to wedding party.

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