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Renowned film maker Onyeka Nwelue launches new political party

Renowned film maker Onyeka Nwelue launches new political party

On Wednesday, December 14, 2016, Onyeka Nwelue who is a young Nigerian filmmaker who is based in UK has formed a new political party he called Progress Party specifically for the Nigerian youths.

Renowned film maker Onyeka Nwelue launches new political party

Filmmaker-turned politician Onyeka Nwelue

Nwelue called on Nigerian youths to come together and join hands with him to exit President Muhammadu Buhari from office.

He took to his Facebook account to declare his intention and he wrote:


This is not to cajole anyone, but at the beginning of this year and end of last year, lots of my friends lost their parents - two of my good friends lost their mothers to renal failure. It was not because you can't treat any of these - the health system in Nigeria can't. I had to undergo my own kidney surgery in India. Far away from the hands of Nigerians who could not even successfully operate on me when I had appendicitis.

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There is no electricity if you meet surgeons who know what they are doing. And if they have a blaring generator in Nigeria, there are other problems - they don't have the things needed. The hospitals in Nigeria are jokes! A few private hospitals still have to fly in foreign doctors. Even when the Nigerian public officers get sick, they jet off to India, Germany and the US. You can hear them proudly say these things. No iota of shame.

It was so heavy for me today that I said to my mother, 'I'm tired!' She only went to bed after midnight as she kept looking at me and thinking. She came to my room and said: "Nna, I understand!”

Renowned film maker Onyeka Nwelue launches new political party

Renowned filmmaker Onyeka Nwelue's father with an opthamologist

Sharing his one of his experience in a Nigerian hospital Nwelue wrote:

“I took my aged father (oh yes, he was born in 1945), to the OphthalmologyIist today and I know how much I had to cough out, as I have no insurance, as this is a country, steeped in bureaucracy. After paying, I felt sweaty. This is because I am scared of losing my father right now. Or seeing him go blind. It will be disastrous. No shame in sharing this with you, but I am heading somewhere with my story.

People have laughed when I said I want to have an organized control over Nigeria. I know people who came to Nigeria to contribute and the system changed them. We can't keep running. I'm never going to acquire any other citizenship. I will not. I have had the opportunities too, but I will not. I will stick with Nigeria, but whether Nigerians love it or not, we have to find a solution to our problems.

Our parents have failed. My parents suddenly agreed that they failed and they want us to correct the mistake they made. We can't fail our children now. We can change Nigeria. We can get a metro system, we can have a shift in our mentality. We can restore the dignity of the Nigerian. We can see pride in our passports again. You can laugh all you want.

Not to sound mischievous, some of us still have the privilege to run away, but if you're surrounded by poverty-stricken people, all you will feel is rage and angst.

Let's join the #ProgressParty”

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The new politician has since been getting massive supports from people especially from him home-front.

Will Nwelue’s political party fly or it is going to be one of the controversies he is known for?

He has courted controversy before now when he described late novelist Chinua Achebe's most read novel Things Fall Apart as the worst book ever written by an African. And of Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka he claimed that the renowned writer writes very bad dialogue.

Nwelue is an assistant visiting professor of African Studies and Literature at Manipur University Imphal, India.

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